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Air & Cabin Filter Replacement

Whether you drive a compact commuter car, a heavy-duty pickup, or anything in between, fresh and clean air is one of the most important things it needs. A smooth-running engine burns around 15 times more air than fuel, after all, so high-volume filtered air is absolutely necessary. But you also need clean air inside your vehicle to breathe easily and keep the windows clear of humidity. For both your engine and your interior, an air filter is used to keep the air supply fresh and robust. 


Every vehicle has an engine air filter to prevent dirt, debris, and bugs from entering the engine. Likewise, many modern cars have a cabin air filter or pollen filter to keep the interior clean and fresh. Here’s what you need to know about your vehicle’s air filters.

How an Engine Air Filter Works

Microscopic particles that enter the engine, be it dirt, sand, or even leaves, can cause abrasion and wear on critical components inside. Over time, excessive wear contributes to symptoms like increased oil consumption, clogged fuel injectors, and unreliable operation. To prevent these symptoms and any repair costs, an air filter is installed to capture those particles before they enter the intake. 


The engine air filter is typically made of reinforced pleated paper or cotton that does an excellent job of filtration. Over time, dirt and other substances get stuck in the material and restrict the airflow into the engine. Your engine can burn more fuel, have a hard time starting, and the Check Engine light can come on. 


Luckily, replacing the engine air filter is a straightforward maintenance item that takes just minutes in our shop. 

What a Cabin Air Filter Does

Your car also relies on clean air inside the passenger compartment. Pollen, dust, mold spores, and other allergens can irritate your respiratory system while you’re inside, and a cabin air filter captures those particles to keep your car’s interior air clean and fresh. The same air circulates to keep your windows clear on rainy or humid days, not to mention blowing at high speed when you need to cool off with air conditioning. 


A cabin air filter also has layers of either paper or cotton with materials like activated charcoal to neutralize odors. When it’s dirty or clogged, you’ll notice decreased air volume through the vents, and you might even notice musty odors in the cabin. Replacing the cabin air filter will restore your interior airflow and help you breathe easy once again. 


Why Choose America’s Auto Care

At America’s Auto Care & Tire, our highly skilled technicians will inspect your air filters on every visit for service. If your engine air filter or cabin air filter is dirty, clogged, or contaminated, high-quality replacement filters will be recommended to help you ensure the highest air quality for both your engine and interior. 


We want you to put your trust in America’s Auto Care & Tire for all your vehicle repairs, tires and maintenance. As such, we back all our service with a peace of mind warranty and use only direct-replacement aftermarket components and OEM parts.






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