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Air Conditioning Service

On a hot day, nothing beats getting into your car with a frosty breeze blowing on your face. But did you know that keeping comfortable in your vehicle isn’t the only function of your car’s air conditioning system? It’s true - A/C also pulls moisture out of the interior to clear humidity from your windows in all seasons, hot or cold. Over time, your vehicle’s air conditioning loses efficiency even when there isn’t a leak. To keep your vehicle’s climate coolly controlled at all times, an air conditioning service may be necessary. 


Dependable Auto Air Conditioning Repairs

Your car’s A/C system is made up of several major components including the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and receiver-drier. However, the most important part is definitely the refrigerant inside the sealed system. The refrigerant circulates throughout the lines to absorb heat from the air inside the cabin, condense moisture from the air, and disperse the excess heat into the atmosphere. That’s how a car’s interior is cooled by air conditioning. 


However, any one of these physical components can develop a leak or fail due to time or age. When that happens, the refrigerant escapes into the atmosphere, often quite slowly, and your car’s A/C stops performing like it once did. If that happens, an A/C repair will need to be performed and the system recharged with R134a refrigerant once again. 


But even if you don’t have a leak, the refrigerant can slowly seep through imperfect seals and gaskets in the A/C system. It’s normal for your car’s air conditioning to lose 5% of its performance every year. Within just five years from new, there can be a noticeable difference in how well your car cools the inside air. When that happens, an A/C system pressure test and recharge is all that’s necessary. 


Whether your car needs a repair and recharge or you simply want to check your A/C’s performance, America’s Auto Care is well equipped to handle it for you. 


Why Choose America’s Auto Care for A/C Repairs and Service 


With Colorado locations in Montrose, Cortez, Durango, Alamosa, and Pagosa Springs, America’s Auto Care & Tire is ideally located nearby to take care of any air conditioning concerns you may have. Using top-grade aftermarket and Original Equipment parts along with industry-approved processes, we’ll get your A/C blowing ice cold in no time. 


Our master technicians are fully-trained in auto A/C repairs for all makes and models. To ensure you’re totally satisfied, we back all repairs with a no-hassle peace of mind warranty.






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