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Belts and Hoses

When you think of vital engine components, belts and hoses aren’t the first parts that you consider. However, both belts and hoses are absolutely crucial to keeping your vehicle’s engine working at its best. Whether it’s a serpentine belt that drives the A/C compressor, alternator, water pump, and power steering pump or a radiator hose that carries coolant or from the engine, rubber hoses and belts will need to be inspected and replaced to prevent an unwarranted breakdown. 


Your car deserves the best maintenance and repairs possible, and America’s Auto Care & Tire is the optimal choice for servicing throughout southern Colorado. With expert technicians, friendly and knowledgeable service, and top-notch parts and fluids, we’ll help keep your vehicle going strong. 


The Role Automotive Belts Play

A car’s belts are designed for one reason: to transmit power reliably from the rotating crankshaft to accessory or auxiliary systems. Although flat belts with ribs on one side known as serpentine belts are the most popular style in today’s cars, some secondary systems use V-belts as do older vehicles. Other wider and stronger belts called timing belts are used instead of timing chains. 


Reinforced by cotton strands and Kevlar, belts can operate for millions of revolutions and often only need replacement after two to five years or as much as 60,000 miles. Over time and years of service, the rubber deteriorates and belts stretch and crack. They need to be changed to prevent a break that can render a charging, cooling, or power steering system useless. Worse yet, a broken timing belt can cause irreparable and catastrophic damage inside an engine. 


Changing automotive belts is a common procedure that is cost-effective and quick, but crucial in keeping your car working.

What You Need to Know About Automotive Hoses

Most of the hoses in your engine compartment are related to the cooling system. Radiator hoses carry hot coolant from the engine to the radiator and back, allowing excess heat to be wicked away by outside air. Likewise, heater hoses use hot coolant to warm your car’s interior by looping through the HVAC system. 


Obviously, cooling system hoses are exposed to the extreme temperatures your engine produces. Over the years, it can cause them to soften and collapse. Oil can contaminate the rubber, swelling it and creating leaks. The best way to combat coolant hose leaks is through routine inspections and hose replacement. 

Choose America’s Auto Care

When you need vehicle repairs, new tires and servicing you can trust, choose America’s Auto Care & Tire. For every vehicle on every visit, our expert technicians will inspect your car and identify any hoses and belts that require attention either immediately or in the near future. After providing you with a comprehensive estimate, our service experts will replace the deficient hoses or belts with top name-brand parts, backed by our peace of mind warranty.






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