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Brake Service and Replacement

Controlling your vehicle’s speed is paramount to driving safely, and that requires your brakes to function perfectly every time. Braking systems rely on friction to bring your vehicle to a stop or to slow down. In emergency situations, there’s no time to question whether or not your brakes are going to work. 


To keep your vehicle operating under complete control, licensed technicians at America’s Auto Care & Tire can diagnose, service, and replace your brake pads and rotors.

How Brake Systems Work

At each wheel, every vehicle has a friction-based system installed. For most vehicles, it’s a brake rotor sandwiched by brake pads that are mounted in a brake caliper. Some models use a brake drum with crescent-shaped brake shoes. In both cases, pressing the brake pedal forces a hydraulic mechanism to squeeze the friction material against the rotor or drum, causing your vehicle to stop. 


Over time and with regular use, friction causes the brake pads and shoes to wear down. Brake rotors and drums also experience wear as well as corrosion that can impede proper braking application. Brake dust forms, caking onto moving parts and preventing normal motion. Routine brake inspections and servicing along with timely brake replacement will keep your vehicle driving as it should. 


Wondering how long your brakes will last? That depends heavily on usage and driving style. For some drivers, it’s possible to get 60,000 miles or more from a set of brakes while others may get just 20,000 miles. 

Symptoms of Brake Problems

Are your brakes squealing every time you press the pedal to decelerate? Does it feel like your car is consistently pulling to one side when you drive? Brake dust accumulation and corrosion on moving parts could be restricting motion, requiring a brake service to restore proper movement. 


Do you feel a chatter or grinding in the brake pedal when you press it? If you hear obnoxious squealing or metal-on-metal noises, or if your car takes a noticeably longer time to stop, it might be time to have your brake pads and rotors replaced. 

How It’s Done

A brake service is a common procedure to keep your brakes moving freely. A licensed technician will remove the wheel, wash away excess brake dust, lubricate the sliders, and chamfer the brake pads to eliminate noise and improve motion.


Brake replacement is necessary if brake pads or shoes are near their wear indicators of 3/32nds of an inch, or if there is excessive corrosion or uneven wear that can’t be corrected without changing the parts. For brake replacement, it’s often best to replace the brake pads and rotors at the same time, although some rotors can be resurfaced for a smooth mating surface. 

Why America’s Auto Care

At America’s Auto Care & Tire, we want you to have the confidence that you’re driving a safe car at all times. Our professional technicians will perform a free visual brake inspection to verify their condition and advise you of the best course of action. 


If you need your brakes replaced, know that we only use OEM-style and direct-fit aftermarket parts suited specifically to your make and model. You can trust America’s Auto Care & Tire with all your brake service and replacement needs, backed by our peace-of-mind warranty.






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