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Check Engine Light

For drivers in southern Colorado and beyond, one of the most concerning problems that can occur is an illuminated Check Engine light. The mysterious amber-colored light, crudely shaped like an engine, strikes fear into your heart due to the uncertainty it brings along with it. Is your car safe to drive? Should you call roadside assistance? Can it be ignored? At a glance, it’s impossible to tell. 


Regardless of where you are in Colorado, America’s Auto Care & Tire can put your mind at ease. Our skilled technicians and friendly staff will guide you through the process of diagnosing and repairing your Check Engine light.

Why the Check Engine Light Is On

The engine, transmission, drivetrain, evaporative, and emissions system - the Check Engine light monitors them all. Any sensor, wire, or component could be the root cause of the warning light coming on. It could be due to: 


To restore your faith in your automobile, the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) will need to be checked and the underlying cause corrected. It’s definitely a job for an experienced, well-trained technician. 

Other Warning Lights to Watch

Along with the Check Engine light, other warning indicators can be illuminated. A fault in the anti-lock braking (ABS) system can cause the ABS or traction control light to come on. An ailing alternator or inadequate wiring can contribute to a battery light showing up. Low fluid or an electrical failure could cause a power steering warning. 


Some lights are for information only, designated by their green or blue color. For warning indicators that are yellow or red, it’s a great idea to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible to prevent ongoing issues that could leave you stranded.

Diagnosis and Repair at America’s Auto Care & Tire

At all of our locations, expert technicians are skilled to diagnose the cause of your Check Engine light and any other malfunction indicators that may be lit. Using the latest in electronic equipment, the fault codes will be checked, the condition traced to its root, and the problem corrected. To ensure transparency, you’ll receive a detailed quote so you can make an informed decision about the repair, and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process, answering any questions you have. 


At America’s Auto Care & Tire, we want to earn your trust. To that end, we back all repairs and services we perform with a peace of mind warranty.






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