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Coolant Fluid Exchange

While you drive, thousands of small, controlled explosions occur inside your engine. As you can imagine, it generates immense amounts of heat. Left on its own, an engine would overheat and fail extremely fast. A system involving a heat exchanger and a fluid circulating through the engine prevents those incredible temperatures from destroying your engine. 


The fluid inside the system is known as antifreeze or coolant. Like all fluids in your vehicle, routine maintenance is required to keep the system working to its full potential. In southwest Colorado, America’s Auto Care & Tire  is the best choice to maintain your car with its coolant fluid exchange. 

How the Cooling System Works

The premise of a cooling system is to disperse excess heat from the engine into the atmosphere while maintaining an optimal operating temperature. To do this, coolant circulates through coolant passages in the engine, absorbing heat from the surrounding metal. In a roundabout way, it goes through hoses, a heater core, and is pumped from the engine to a radiator where some of the heat is transferred to the air in the atmosphere. 


However, the engine needs to keep some of the heat to operate at the right temperature for efficiency and the lowest emissions. A thermostat controls coolant flow by opening and closing to restrict coolant flow when it needs to.

Why Does Coolant Need to be Exchanged? 

Coolant is an organic substance and degrades over time. As it degrades, it becomes more acidic which leads to corrosion and buildup as it reacts with the steel and aluminum inside the engine. Left on its own, calcified buildup can destroy the internal workings of a water pump, restrict flow, and corrode the internal surfaces of your engine and its parts. It can eventually lead to overheating conditions that could cause catastrophic engine failure.  


Rather than chancing the damage that results from poor cooling system maintenance, a coolant fluid exchange can be performed. This straightforward procedure flushes the old, acidic coolant from your engine and removes any deposits formed, then fills it with engine antifreeze suited to your vehicle. 

America’s Auto Care & Tire is Your Dependable Choice

For reliable maintenance on any type of gas or diesel-powered engine, America’s Auto Care & Tire is the right choice. Our friendly team will inspect your coolant condition and advise you of the right time to have it changed. Along with the coolant fluid exchange, we’ll perform a complimentary visual cooling system inspection to identify any deficiencies that could cause trouble in the near future. 


For your cooling system services, we use only the correct top-brand coolant and high-quality parts to get the job done right. To keep you motoring dependably, we back all our work with a no-nonsense peace of mind warranty.






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