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Differential Fluid Exchange

For rear-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles, power controlled through the transmission needs to be directed toward the wheels. Making that directional change occur is the job of a differential assembly. Rotating masses inside the diff assembly move anytime the vehicle is in motion, and fluid maintenance is required to keep it working reliably. 


At America’s Auto Care & Tire, we readily perform routine maintenance services including your differential fluid exchanges. With friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and expert technicians, we’ll keep you moving in Southwest Colorado. 


What a differential does

A differential housing receives rotational input from the transmission through a driveshaft. Delivered longitudinally to the vehicle, it has to make a 90-degree turn to deliver torque to the wheels. That’s accomplished through a very precise set of gears that mesh together - the ring gear, drive pinion gear, and spider gears. Bearings help it all to move smoothly and quietly.


How the differential fluid works


Inside the differential housing, fluid keeps the gears lubricated and cooled. Without fluid, the hardened steel gears would experience incredible friction that would wear them down. Lack of cooling capability would cause the gears and bearings to overheat, creating noise and an eventual breakdown. 


Over time and through thousands of miles of use, differential fluid breaks down at the molecular level and can’t protect like it once did. Microscopic shavings from gears and bearings become evident in the fluid’s color, and moisture from heating, cooling, and ventilation contaminates the oil. 


To restore protection for your vehicle’s differential gears and bearings, a differential fluid exchange should be performed. 


How America’s Auto Care & Tire can help

To keep your car, truck, or SUV delivering power to the wheels reliably, differential services should be completed according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. That can be anywhere from 20k miles to 60k miles, or sooner if your vehicle is used for towing or off-road driving. At America’s Auto Care & Tire, our expert technicians will evaluate your differential fluid condition to check for abnormalities, then drain the old differential oil completely. The differential is then resealed (if necessary) and filled with fluid to the correct level.


Our experienced and friendly service staff will assist you to determine the correct interval for your differential fluid exchange and walk you through the process, step by step. Using the correct fluid grade according to your make and model, we’ll ensure your diff service is competently performed by trained professionals, backed by our peace of mind warranty. 






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