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Engine Diagnostics & Engine Repair

Smooth-running, quiet, and efficient. Regardless of which model you drive, whether it’s gas-powered or diesel-fueled, an engine must be unrelentingly reliable and perform to its maximum potential at all times. However, engine problems can plague any vehicle, new or old, requiring a well-trained shop with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road. 


In Cortez, Pagosa, Springs, Alamosa, and beyond, America’s Auto Care and Tire is the best choice for precision engine diagnostics and repair. Using the latest in computerized equipment and the skills of master technicians, we’ll get you motoring once again. 

Diagnosing engine problems

A typical engine is built from more than 1,000 parts. Due to their complexity, engine problems can take on many different forms. It could be: 



No matter what the symptom might be, the first step in restoring your vehicle’s operation is to find the cause. Engine diagnosis often requires computerized testing to determine fault codes triggered by the failure. Scan testing reveals conditions like a misfire or timing issue, or it can show that the problem lies in an area aside from the engine itself. 


In other cases, an accurate diagnosis requires the keen eye of a master technician. A thorough inspection and/or disassembly can uncover the source of an oil or fuel leak, excessive engine wear, or faulty seals. 

The process of engine repair

Engine repairs are as diverse as the diagnosis to identify the fault. While an oil leak may be a straightforward oil pan gasket replacement, other repairs are far more intricate. A blown head gasket or leaking fuel injector can require hours to remove components and re-assembly as well as specialized tools and equipment to ensure the job is done right. 


From a minor misfire that requires spark plug replacement to excessive oil consumption that necessitates a complete engine rebuild, America’s Auto Care & Tire has the experience and knowledge to get your engine performance back on track.  

Why Choose America’s Auto Care & Tire

When you want skilled workmanship at a fair price, America’s Auto Care & Tire is your best choice in Colorado. Our technicians have years of experience working on vehicles just like yours, performing engine diagnostics with pinpoint accuracy. Using the latest in technology to read fault codes and trace the cause, you can count on our team to find your engine anomaly. 


All engine repairs are completed based on a comprehensive quote we provide to you. Our shop has the specialized equipment and tools to perform engine repairs on late-model cars and older vehicles alike, regardless of size and application. Using only top-quality components from major supplies, we back all our engine work with a no-hassle peace of mind warranty.






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