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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

To keep your car, truck, minivan, or SUV operating problem-free, routine maintenance needs to be performed. Every car owner is familiar with engine oil and filter changes, but what about any other services the manufacturer recommends or requires? It’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s completed on time in order to not just maintain your factory warranty and service contract, but to prevent unnecessary and frustrating breakdowns. 


Let us help you keep your vehicle maintained according to the factory schedule. At America’s Auto Care & Tire, we provide complete warranty-approved maintenance and auto care for all makes and models that meet OEM requirements.

What services are required or recommended?

Factory-scheduled maintenance differs between carmakers, and each type and model of vehicle has its own requirements. Some maintenance services are common across many of them, however. 

Tire rotations

Aside from specialty models, every vehicle should have a tire rotation performed every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. By rotating the tires, the tread wears more evenly and extends the life of your tires, reducing your overall vehicle-related expenses and keeping you safe on the road.

Brake fluid exchange

Your braking system operates using hydraulic power, centered around brake fluid. To keep your brake components operating smoothly and to prevent internal corrosion, brake fluid should be changed periodically. 

Differential fluid exchange

Fluid inside the differential keeps this key driveline component from experiencing premature wear and tear, and moderates the temperature inside the differential case. Natural degradation and contamination require that your differential fluid is changed on schedule.  

Transmission fluid exchange

As one of the most expensive components to repair or replace in your car, preventing unexpected problems and breakdowns is often dependent on routine maintenance. Like the engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be replaced occasionally to lubricate and cool its parts.

Coolant fluid exchange

To keep your engine within optimal temperatures, engine coolant circulates throughout. It breaks down over time and becomes acidic, and preventing failure inside the cooling system requires a coolant exchange as part of factory scheduled maintenance. 

Power steering fluid exchange

On vehicles equipped with hydraulic power steering, the fluid is constantly under pressure and exposed to wear. Maintaining your power steering pump and rack and pinion requires clean power steering fluid. 

Timing belt replacement

A reinforced rubber belt is employed in many cars to keep the upper components operating in precise timing with the lower engine. The timing belt will stretch and crack with use, and it needs to be replaced to avoid a breakdown. 

Spark plug replacement

Strong spark is a necessity for the air-fuel mixture to burn completely and efficiently. Spark plug replacement is a critical service that keeps your engine running at its best and should be done according to the manufacturer’s schedule. 


Factory Scheduled Maintenance at America’s Auto Care & Tire

You depend on your vehicle, and our knowledgeable team knows how best to care for it. Following your manufacturer’s recommended and required maintenance schedule, we’ll keep your vehicle working like a well-oiled machine - literally. 


We use the correct grade for all fluids, according to your OEM, and all maintenance parts are premium quality to ensure long-lasting performance. For service you can trust, we back all our repairs and maintenance with a peace of mind warranty.






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