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Power Steering Fluid Exchange

As you navigate the roads in Southwestern Colorado, the ability to control your car’s direction is of paramount importance. The steering system operates using fluid motion to provide assistance to make it easier to steer no matter your speed. Your car’s power steering fluid must be changed as part of routine maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance from your power steering system. 


Trust the experts at America’s Auto Care & Tire with all your factory scheduled maintenance including power steering fluid exchanges. With friendly, knowledgeable service advice and experienced technicians to get the job done well, we’re here to keep you driving. 

How the power steering system functions

Nearly all vehicle designs have an engine in the front, placing hundreds of pounds of weight over the steering axle. Unassisted, it makes maneuvering your car extremely difficult, especially at low speeds. Power steering systems employ pressurized fluid to reduce the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, regardless how fast you’re going. 


Fluid circulates from the power steering pump through a rotary valve and to the power steering gear - also known as a steering rack or rack and pinion - where fluid pressure pushes a hydraulic piston side to side, depending on which way you turn the steering wheel. 

Why does power steering fluid need to be changed?

Over time and with use, power steering fluid collects metal shavings from the inner workings of the system, breaks down with age, and it becomes contaminated by moisture. These effects reduce the fluid’s ability to lubricate internal components and perform its hydraulic role. 


Without changing the power steering fluid, it’s possible for the power steering pump or power steering rack to wear out or corrode internally, reducing its ability to function or failing altogether. 

How a power steering fluid exchange is done

Regular vehicle maintenance to keep your car working as it should includes changing the power steering fluid. The process is straightforward but crucial. The old oil is sucked from the reservoir and filled with new, clean fluid. The system is cycled to pump the new oil into the system and the old, dirty oil is collected and disposed of while clean oil is continuously added. This process is repeated until the system is full of clean power steering fluid. 

Why choose America’s Auto Care & Tire?

At America’s Auto Care & Tire, we understand the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance, including power steering fluid exchanges. Following your vehicle’s factory recommended maintenance, we’ll change the fluid in your power steering system using the correct grade of fluid. 


If any concerns arise with the steering or suspension systems, we’ll advise you so you can make the most informed decision on repairs possible. For dependable, trustworthy maintenance and repairs, we back all of our work with a peace of mind warranty.






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