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Shocks and Struts

Driving through southwestern Colorado could be a smooth cruise down I-491’s paved surfaces or twisting, bumpy treks through foothill tracks. Wherever your travels take you, your suspension components travel up and down thousands of times every minute. Over time, your shocks and struts can allow more bounce than they used to, and rattles and clunks become more prominent, making bumps on the road feel larger than they really are. If that’s how your vehicle feels, it could be time to do something about your suspension. 


At America’s Auto Care & Tire, you’ll find experienced, friendly service for your suspension repairs, including shock and strut replacement. When you visit one of our five locations, you’ll get professional repairs at a competitive price, every time. 

What goes wrong with struts and shocks

A shock or strut is filled with gas, oil, or a combination of the two with the intention that the charge inside will dampen the impact of bumps and potholes. Rather than bouncing excessively, it’s designed to absorb the rebound, which is why shocks are actually known as shock absorbers. 


As you drive, the charge inside the strut or shock can seep out past the seal, or a significant impact can break the seal or bend the strut rod. Whether it’s suddenly or progressive, you’ll notice a difference in how your vehicle performs when driving over bumps. You might feel that it bounces unevenly, the suspension suddenly feels harsh, it’s more difficult to control your steering, or your ride height can physically appear uneven. 


The only correction for weak or failed shocks and struts is replacement by a trained professional. 

Restore your vehicle’s suspension performance

Leaking struts or shocks are a safety concern. Not only are they designed to make your ride more comfortable, but they also ensure your tires are held evenly against the road. Weak or leaking struts can turn a smooth, easy drive into a harrowing experience as you fight to keep control. 


Struts are found in most vehicles on the front suspension with coil springs mounted atop, and in vehicles with independent rear suspension. Replacing struts requires the assembly to be removed on each side, the spring transferred to a new strut, and reinstalled. Shock absorbers are commonly found on trucks and in rear suspension systems and are a simpler design that can be removed and replaced quickly. 


Both shocks and struts must be replaced as a pair to ensure equal suspension response from side to side. And with struts, it’s imperative to have a wheel alignment performed to restore factory steering angles. 

Why America’s Auto Care & Tire is the right choice

Our certified technicians are experts in steering and suspension repairs, including strut and shock replacement on a wide range of makes and models. We employ industry-leading methods and equipment to restore your car’s road feel, and we always use high-quality OEM and name-brand aftermarket parts to ensure long-term reliability. 


We want to earn your business, which is why we always back our repairs with a no-nonsense peace of mind warranty.






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