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Starting & Charging System

When you own a vehicle, few things are worse than hopping in the driver’s seat, turning the key, and hearing, “Click”. In that moment, any confidence you had in your vehicle dissolves. It’s a problem that has more questions than answers, and finding a solution requires the expertise of a technician with experience in starting and charging systems. 


At America’s Auto Care & Tire, our team of auto experts understands that you rely on your vehicle. Whether it’s a starting concern, a charging concern, or wiring somewhere in between, we’ll find the cause and get it repaired so you can continue on with your busy schedule. 

Common concerns with charging and starting systems

It’s easy to confuse charging and starting issues since their symptoms can be very similar. When your engine turns over slowly, it clicks when you turn the key, the lights inside your car are dim, or your battery light comes on when you’re driving, it can indicate a wide range of problems. It could be: 



No matter if you drive a newer car or one that’s served you well for many years, it’s possible to experience issues in one of these areas. The solution? Accurate diagnosis and repair by a trained professional technician is what you need. 

How it’s addressed

An experienced mechanic is the best person to identify the root cause of your charging or starting system concern. Using digital diagnostic tools, our mechanics will trace the source of the issue, whether it’s a failed alternator, starter, battery, or simply a broken connection. The process can include a basic wiring repair or the replacement of one or more components. 


Our licensed technicians have hundreds of hours of experience in electrical, starting, and charging system diagnosis. When it comes to finding and repairing the problems that keep your car from starting or charging properly, we can do it quickly, efficiently, and affordably. 

Why America’s Auto Care & Tire is your top choice

In southwestern Colorado, our five locations are perfectly suited to perform your starting and charging system repairs and keep your vehicle running its best. We provide a free battery test so you can make informed decisions regarding your battery’s health, and we always give you a comprehensive quote on any repairs that are required, and we back our repairs with a peace of mind warranty. 


From battery replacement to wiring repairs and starting system diagnosis, America’s Auto Care & Tire is the right choice.






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