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Timing Belt Replacement

An engine is a complicated machine that requires perfect timing for air, fuel, and an igniting spark in each cylinder with every revolution. It’s a challenging task, to be sure. In many passenger vehicles today, perfect timing is achieved by coordinating the engine’s operations through the use of a timing belt. Like any reinforced rubber belt in the engine compartment, routine maintenance is required through periodic replacement. 


In Alamosa, Cortez, Durango, Montrose, Pagosa Springs, and beyond, America’s Auto Care & Tire is the right choice for timing belt replacement. Our certified technicians know how best to maintain your vehicle’s systems, both minor and major, as well as care for your needs as our customer. 

What a timing belt does

Air and fuel are injected and compressed in each of your engine’s cylinders as the crankshaft rotates, then ignited with a spark. To ensure the air and fuel are drawn in at the right time, not to mention have the spark plug ignite the mixture, requires that the engine’s bottom end and top end are synchronized exactly. For some vehicles, a timing chain is used but in recent years, a timing belt is a more common solution. 


The timing belt is made of cotton- and Kevlar-reinforced rubber, spinning around cogs on the crankshaft and camshafts. In many cases, the timing belt also spins the water pump. It’s held tight with an idler pulley and a timing belt tensioner. 

Why does my timing belt need to be replaced?

Although it’s a durable rubber belt, the timing belt will need to be changed eventually. Over time, the rubber degrades and forms cracks. Any oil or coolant contamination can cause the rubber to swell or stretch. Should it fail while you’re driving, the best-case scenario is your engine stalls and you’ll require a tow to the shop for timing belt replacement. The worst-case scenario is a catastrophic failure where engine valves and pistons collide.


For most makes and models equipped with a timing belt, its replacement is part of factory scheduled maintenance. Intervals are commonly between 60,000 miles and 100,000 miles, making it one of the least frequent services your car requires, but certainly among the most important. 

Timing belt replacement at America’s Auto Care & Tire

At America’s Auto Care & Tire, your timing belt replacement is a service we’re happy to provide. Along with replacing the timing belt, we’ll check the timing belt tensioner’s strength and inspect the water pump, idler pulley, and any exposed oil seals to advise you if additional concerns are present. 


Because low-quality timing belts are prone to premature failure, we use only high-grade, name-brand parts so you can rest easy that the job is done right. As always, we back your timing belt replacement with our hassle-free peace of mind warranty. 






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