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Tire Rotation

No parts on your car are more important than the tires. They serve to grip the road when you want to accelerate, point your vehicle in the direction you want to travel, and provide traction when you’re bringing your car to a stop. When handling and control are so dependent on your tires, it makes sense to keep them in top condition at all times, which requires frequent tire rotations. 


For all your vehicle maintenance needs in southwest Colorado, trust the service experts at America’s Auto Care. Each of our five locations is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team members that will perform your tire rotations to keep you motoring safely. 

Why tire rotations are necessary

Regardless which make or model you drive, your tires wear unevenly. The front tires on front-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive cars and SUVs perform double duty as both the tires that steer and the primary wheels that propel the vehicle. For all models, one drive wheel typically applies more torque to the road than the other. The result? Tire tread that wears at different rates. 


Left unaddressed, the tires on one axle would wear out prematurely. Handling is certainly affected - worn-out front tires can cause understeer conditions while worn rear tires can cause you to spin out. 

How a tire rotation is performed

A tire rotation ensures that all four tires wear evenly throughout their lifespan, giving you better control and reducing your maintenance costs. The procedure is straightforward: the front tires are installed on the rear axle and the rear tires installed on the front, and the lug nuts are torqued to the right spec. Such a minor procedure can save you hundreds of dollars in tire replacement costs but more importantly, it helps you keep control of your car the best. 

Why choose America’s Auto Care and Tire?

At America’s Auto Care, you get more than just a simple tire rotation. While we have your wheels off, our licensed technicians inspect your steering and suspension components, brakes and wheel hubs, and adjust the tire pressure. On every visit to our facility - even for just a tire rotation - you’ll receive a complimentary visual inspection and our peace-of-mind warranty so you can drive safely and confidently. 






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