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Transmission Fluid Exchange

Your car’s engine produces power, but it’s your transmission that controls it. As the component that determines which direction your vehicle travels in and how quickly, the transmission’s operation is one whose importance can’t be overstated. To keep your transmission working dependably and problem-free, routine maintenance in the form of a transmission fluid exchange is necessary at scheduled intervals. America’s Auto Care and Tire will keep your transmission working as designed for years to come with scheduled fluid exchanges. 

The role transmission fluid plays

Even many experienced auto technicians don’t fully understand how a transmission operates. As a car owner, it’s important to know that it’s a complex hydraulically-operated system that converts your input into usable power delivered to the wheels. Your gearshift controls your vehicle’s direction while your accelerator pedal determines the rate of travel. 


Inside the transmission, fluid pressure is directed through channels in the valve body that determine which gear you’re in. Clutches, gears, sensors, and many other parts are cooled by the transmission fluid while it lubricates them, providing that the fluid is clean and in good condition.

Why perform a transmission fluid exchange? 

Over time and with thousands of miles, transmission fluid degrades. It becomes saturated with moisture, breaks down due to heat and friction, and picks up metal filings from moving parts. It loses its ability to lubricate the internal components, and premature transmission failure can result -  an extremely expensive problem to fix. 


A transmission fluid exchange is part of your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance routine. Although its intervals are much further apart than engine oil changes, they’re certainly just as important. 

America’s Auto Care & Tire, your maintenance experts 

At America’s Auto Care and Tire, our expert technicians are trained in all regular maintenance items on a diverse selection of makes and models. Using professional-grade equipment, they’ll exchange the old, contaminated fluid in your transmission for new, clean fluid. We only use the correct grade and specification of fluid for your year, make, and model. That way, you can trust that your transmission’s maintenance is good to go until the next service interval comes around. 


We want to earn your business at America’s Auto Care and Tire. That’s why we back all our repairs and maintenance with our exceptional peace of mind warranty.






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