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Tune Up

It’s easy to take for granted how reliable, powerful, and efficient your car’s powertrain operates. Start the engine, put it in gear, hit the gas, and go. To maintain the same level of performance you’ve become accustomed to, routine maintenance is crucial throughout its lifecycle, and that includes scheduled tune-ups. For vehicle owners in Pagosa Springs, Durango, Montrose, Alamosa, and Cortez, keeping your car tuned up and operating at its peak is a service America’s Auto Care and Tire is happy to do for you. 

What is a tune-up?

Until the 80’s, a tune-up included adjusting the carburetor, changing the spark plugs, switching the distributor car and rotor, installing a new fuel filter, and replacing the spark plug wires. These services were typically done every year. 


Today’s cars have fewer requirements during a tune-up because of improved technology in the car, cleaner fuel at the pump, as well as better vehicle manufacturing practices. In many cases, a tune-up now involves changing the spark plugs, servicing the fuel injectors, and performing a comprehensive inspection to determine if any other needs are present. 

When is a tune-up required?

Your vehicle’s maintenance needs are far less frequent than in the past, but it’s essential to have services performed according to the recommended maintenance schedule to keep your car running properly. By neglecting a tune-up, you could be burning more fuel than necessary or encounter a breakdown or repair that could’ve been avoided. 


Typically, spark plug replacement is a tune-up service that’s required around 100,000 miles on advanced engines, although your make and model may differ. For other services such as fuel injection cleaning, expect it to be performed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. 

Why you should choose America’s Auto Care and Tire

If you’re unsure when your vehicle needs its tune-up, our service professionals have the manufacturer-recommended information at their fingertips to accurately inform your decisions. Whether it’s a minor service or a major tune-up, no matter what make or model you drive, our experienced licensed technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done right. 


To keep your car running strong or to restore its performance like new, America’s Auto Care and Tire always uses OEM and name-brand aftermarket parts and fluids. Count on us for dependable service including engine tune-ups, backed by our industry-leading peace of mind warranty.






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