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Water Pump Replacement

Your vehicle’s engine operates most powerfully and efficient when its temperature is between 195 and 220 degrees F. Any cooler and it requires more fuel to produce the performance you want. Any hotter and it produces excessive amounts of harmful emissions, not to mention the risk of engine failure. The cooling system regulates your car’s operating temperature, and the water pump plays a pivotal role.


If your cooling system is running hot, it could be time for water pump replacement. In southwest Colorado, the maintenance and auto repair experts at America’s Auto Care can change your water pump and keep you driving. 

The water pump’s role

Your vehicle uses a solution of water and antifreeze to moderate the engine temperature when it’s running. Coolant absorbs the excess heat from your engine block and cylinder heads where it’s carried to the radiator where the heat dissipates into the atmosphere, and the cooled fluid continues its cycle once again. 


To keep the coolant or antifreeze circulating, a water pump driven by a belt pushes it through the cooling system. For some cars, the water pump is driven by the timing belt behind the front engine cover. For others, the serpentine belt spins a pulley on the water pump to create the necessary action. 

What happens if my water pump fails?

Although a water pump may last the whole lifetime for some cars, it’s a component that needs to be replaced at some point on many others. Over time, the water pump seal on the shaft can develop a leak, or the fins inside the pump can corrode or break from lack of cooling system maintenance. The water pump housing can also crack if the engine freezes due to an improper antifreeze mixture. 


Symptoms of a failing water pump include: 


Left unrepaired, a failed water pump can cause your engine to overheat. That could mean an expensive cylinder head gasket repair or a catastrophic engine failure if it seizes. 

How America’s Auto Care and Tire can help

If you suspect your cooling system isn’t operating properly or you think your water pump needs to be changed, reach out to us. At America’s Auto Care and Tire, our diagnostic professionals can isolate the problem and provide an accurate quote so you can decide how best to proceed. 


For any water pump replacement, we use OEM and high-grade aftermarket parts so you can depend on long-lasting repairs, backed by our amazing peace of mind warranty.






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