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Wheel Alignment

Does your car, truck, or SUV pull to one side when you’re driving on the highway? Do you feel like your car wanders in the lane when you’re driving in a straight line? The wheel alignment might be out of adjustment, making your drive stressful and potentially dangerous.


Did you know that as many as three in ten vehicles on the road today need an alignment? If you can’t recall the last time you had one performed or if your steering wheel is off-center after hitting a curb or pothole, your car might be one of them. 

Why a Wheel Alignment May Be Necessary

When your alignment is off, it can be hazardous to your safety. An incorrect toe angle can cause your car to pull hard to the left or right, cause excessive strain on your steering and suspension components, prematurely wear your tires, and make you grip the steering wheel for dear life whenever you get to highway speed. If your camber or caster is out of adjustment, you may feel your car veer away from where you point the wheel or drift around the road. 


It’s extremely common for a car’s wheel alignment to be out of spec. All it takes can be a bump against a curb, sliding off the road, or even having basic steering or suspension components replaced. To restore your car’s factory feel, adjusting the alignment is all that’s required in many cases. 

How an Alignment is Performed

Each wheel alignment is performed by a licensed technician who is a steering and suspension specialist. Using our advanced Hunter wheel alignment machine on a specialty hoist, your car’s alignment angles are measured using precise laser technology. Each angle is restored to the proper specifications according to the manufacturer including the toe angle, camber, and caster, and the steering wheel is centered for a truly comfortable drive. 


During the wheel alignment, our specialists check for excessive wear or damage on your car’s components, from tie rod ends and struts to tire tread and the power steering rack and pinion. If any repairs are required, you’ll receive a detailed quote so you can make an informed decision.

Your Wheel Alignment Specialists, America’s Auto Care

Whether it’s to correct a symptom or to make adjustments after suspension and steering repairs, America’s Auto Care & Tire is perfectly suited to take care of your alignment needs. For most modern vehicles, it’s best to have a wheel alignment performed annually to prevent abnormal tire wear and to catch concerns early on. 


Not sure if you require a wheel alignment? We will perform a complimentary wheel alignment inspection for all makes and models, empowering you to make the best decisions for your car care possible. 


Choose America’s Auto Care

When you need a front end alignment or four wheel alignment, choose America’s Auto Care & Tire. Our expert technicians will check your vehicle's alignment and identify any alignment or part issues that would require attention either immediately or in the near future. After providing you with a comprehensive estimate if needed, our service experts will perform your vehicles alignment.






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