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Wheel Balancing

When you drive on the highway, a light grip on the steering wheel is all you should need. But for many drivers, it’s a much more stressful experience with shaking and shimmying that cause anxiety and safety issues. Handling concerns at highway speeds are often the result of imbalanced tires and wheels - an easily corrected condition. In southwest Colorado, let America’s Auto Care and Tire give you back the control you want with dependable wheel balancing services for all makes and models. 

What is wheel balancing?

A new tire looks like a perfectly round, uniform part. The same goes for a car’s rim. However, minor variances in manufacturing mean that, when the tire is mounted on the rim, that weight isn’t perfectly distributed all around. 


When you try to drive with a wheel that’s out of balance, even fractions of an ounce can change how it drives, particularly at highway speeds. A front wheel that’s out of balance will cause the steering wheel to shimmy while an out-of-balance rear wheel will shake the whole body of a vehicle.


Wheel balancing ensures that each tire and wheel assembly has the appropriate weight distribution to counteract those negative effects.

How it’s done

To balance a wheel and tire assembly, weights are added to either the inside bead, the outside bead, or the flat inner surface of the wheel hoop. The location where weights are mounted is precisely identified using a wheel balancing machine that analyzes its weight distribution. Typically, under 2 ounces of weight is used per wheel.


Every new tire should be balanced when it’s mounted on a rim, and wheel balancing is a straightforward correction for many handling effects between 55 and 65 mph. Each tire on the vehicle is balanced, ensuring steady control and handling before and after tire rotations. 

Choose America’s Auto Care and Tire

For all your tire services in southwest Colorado, America’s Auto Care and Tire is the right choice to make. With friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you with your services and repairs, you can rely on us to keep your car running and driving like you expect it to. 


Our facilities have the latest in advanced tire equipment for your tire installations, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment needs. Fast, precision service will get you back on the road quickly and confidently, backed by our peace of mind warranty.






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