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Dependable & Trustworthy Service

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Oil Change Frequently Asked Questions

The many roles of engine oil

It’s widely understood that engine oil lubricates the moving components inside your car’s engine. Contrary to popular belief, engine oil performs many roles in addition to lubrication. It also washes away sludge deposits that form on internal components and creates a barrier between moving parts to reduce friction. It seals the combustion chamber and prevents corrosion in the crankcase and metal parts. On top of those functions, engine oil also performs as much as 40% of your engine’s cooling!

Clearly, it’s important to keep your engine oil clean and uncontaminated.

Why does engine oil need to be changed?

Once it’s exposed to heat, friction, and moisture, engine oil begins to break down. It also captures particles and can absorb moisture, reducing its ability to perform its tasks properly.

Old, dirty engine oil can lead to advanced sludge deposits that obstruct oil flow to critical components, and it can increase your engine’s operating temperature. Over time, poor oil conditions can cause excessive wear or engine failure.

An engine oil change should be completed regularly according to your factory scheduled maintenance or when the oil condition requires it.

What oil should I use?

Your vehicle owner’s manual will indicate which grade of engine oil to use. For most modern vehicles, a synthetic blend oil is a minimum requirement to ensure reliable operation. For high-performance or turbocharged engines, full synthetic oil may be required to keep your car working as it should.

Whether your owner’s manual recommends conventional engine oil, full synthetic motor oil, or a synthetic blend, it’s crucial to always protect your engine with the minimum grade or better.

How America’s Auto & Tire looks after you

For all your routine maintenance needs, America’s Auto & Tire is here for you. Our knowledgeable team will help you keep on course for your scheduled maintenance items and ensure your oil changes are performed using the right type and grade of oil. With every oil change, your oil filter will be replaced with a quality name-brand component to protect your engine as best as possible.

Trust the service experts at America’s Auto & Tire for your oil and filter change services, always backed by a peace-of-mind warranty.