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Best Nationwide Warranty

Best Nationwide Warranty

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Dependable & Trustworthy Service

Dependable & Trustworthy Service

We’ll always explain your auto repairs in plain language, and never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mechanics are ASE-certified and fully trained

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Financing Available

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Flat Tire Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Top causes of a flat tire

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, CUV, or minivan, your tires are the most exposed part of your vehicle. With every rotation, the potential exists for an item on the road to puncture the tread, causing air to escape. It could be:

  • A nail or screw littered on the pavement
  • A shard from a rock or bottle
  • A piece of metal or plastic sitting on the road
  • A stick or stump as you’re off-roading

In addition to tire punctures, corrosion at the bead, a leaking valve stem, and even an ill-intending vandal can cause your tire to lose air.

Proper tire repair methods

Whatever the cause, our tire specialists can get you back in action quickly. When you have a tire puncture, we employ the DOT-approved repair method of a tire plug-patch to ensure a long-lasting repair. Rim bead leaks can often be resealed, and a leaking valve stem is easily replaced to prevent future leaks.

If your tire can’t be repaired safely, we’ll advise you of the best corrective action for your situation, whether that includes replacing one tire, a pair, or a complete set.

Why choose America’s Auto & Tire?

Our locations are family-owned and operated, and we know the feeling of a vehicle that isn’t working as it should. We’ll walk you through the process of fixing your tire, so it’s as unintrusive to your day as possible.

Using advanced tire mounting and balancing equipment and quality parts and supplies, you can rest assured your tire repair will be done promptly by professional, qualified tire experts.

Trust America’s Auto & Tire for your tire repairs.