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Best Nationwide Warranty

Best Nationwide Warranty

We have partnered with the TIRE PROS network to offer the strongest tire, auto service, and roadside assistance warranty in the nation

Dependable & Trustworthy Service

Dependable & Trustworthy Service

We’ll always explain your auto repairs in plain language, and never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our mechanics are ASE-certified and fully trained

Financing Available

Financing Available

Drive now and pay later for all credit types


Mobile Tire Repair & Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Tire Repair

Our fully-equipped mobile tire repair trucks will come to you, wherever you need us. Whether you have a tire that’s come off the bead or a puncture leaves you leaking air quickly, one call to America’s Auto & Tire will have an experienced tire tech on the way.

We’re well-versed in proper off-the-road, agricultural, and commercial tire repair procedures. Using the most effective process to keep costs reasonable and downtime as low as possible, That includes section repairs, spot repairs, sidewall bumpers and reinforcements due to cuts and punctures, plus much more.

Mobile Tire Installation

It’s unfeasible to bring an ag implement, mining equipment, or commercial truck to the shop for a new tire or set of tires. Our mobile tire installation units minimize the downtime required to have new tires installed on your vehicle, no matter the size. That helps you keep your fleet safer and more efficient, and reduces the effect on productivity.

Whether you need us to source new tires for you or you’d like us to install tires you’ve supplied, our mobile tire technicians are capable to get the job done quickly.

Roadside Tire Assistance

If your commercial truck, highway tractor, or passenger has run into a tire problem on the road, our roadside tire assistance services can come to the rescue. Offering timely tire repair or replacement at the roadside, we’ll get you up and running once again.

America’s Auto & Tire provides 24-hour emergency service to fix or replace your tire. Using safe, DOT-approved repair methods and equipment, you’ll be down the road again in no time.

Why Choose America’s Auto & Tire

Expert technicians, fast service, and guaranteed results are why America’s Auto & Tire should be your first call for mobile tire repair and installation. With the right equipment on the way and access to tires of all sizes from any brand, you’ll be on your way quickly. As always, our services are backed by a peace of mind warranty that rivals the best in the industry.